Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Birthday Wish…

   February is loaded with Birthdays! Family & friends share this month (my favorite) with my Birthday! The 12th is my best friend, Bill's Birthday, the 13th is Pam, Billy, & my Birthday, 14th is Wendy's, 19th is Keith's, & 27th is CJ's. February is my favorite month, and I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day (although I love the clearance items I can use all year - love me some pink and red!). It's like you're part of a special club if your Birthdays are in the same month! Anyway, there are no major holidays coming, February we can start to relax and enjoy the last bit of winter before Spring Break arrives, which means summer is on the way.
   This year, it's bittersweet. Carolyn and Mandy will graduate from High School (really? That's this year??) It will be a different kind of summer of preparing for the next step in Life, not all about school supply shopping. And to even contemplate Emma going into her last year of Elementary School... 6th grade. It all changes in Junior High!
   Ok, before I totally freak myself out, I still have lots of work to do before these Big Things come about. Getting healthier is the priority, of course, I have big goals for myself this year.
   I may not be the most organized, innovative, or most creative jewelry designer out there, but I love doing it and beading/beads/bead shopping/bead magazines make me happy, give me purpose. My Bead Friends, some days reading a post is all I can do and it can make my day. It's like when you finally find the place you 'fit in', where they 'get' you, you're peeps! Who knows if anyone reads this, what matters is, you never know whose life you will touch, whom you will help believe in themselves. Making jewelry and beaded things is about finally finding something I can do and love doing, finding that sense of accomplishment. Yea, the competition is fierce, but the community of Beaders is incredibly supportive and full of encouragement when you need it most. Even if you've never met! So, as I gain energy and strength to pick up pliers, I thank all the people I've "met" through Lori's BSBP, the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope, the numerous Blogs, and even websites like,,, and countless others for letting me know I Can do this, and learn to do it well, and they'll be there to help.
   I must thank Lori Anderson, especially. I read a post she wrote a long while back and I just sobbed. Like she was writing directly to me! We share similar struggles and, wow, the things I have learned from her! What an incredible spirit of determination! I had the opportunity to finally meet her at a Craftsman's Show at Dulles. I was in awe, still am, every time I see her. So, thank you, Lori, for being the mentor and constant inspiration not only in Beadworld, but my life in general.
   This was way longer than intended! Thanks for sticking around to read my ramblings!
   I'm off to Hop and check out all the wonderful talent and creativity of the BSBP!
   Remember, you never know what a difference you are making in someone's life, you never know what their challenges are.
   Thanks to everyone, you've made a positive impact on my life, and others', too, and you didn't even know it! Keep the happy!
Peace, Love, & Sunshine,
Kel :-)

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Perri Jackson said...

I hope you day is verging on ecstatic, with no pain. I hope it helped that you won something from Lori Anderson's current Bead & Button Giveaway!! Congrats!!!!