Monday, September 19, 2011


First, let me apologize for not checking thoroughly to see that this posted correctly.  I actually posted it early, but did it from my (not so smart) Smartphone app and I trusted that it posted successfully.  Alas, it did not, so...

Let's try again...


First I would like to thank Lori for all the hard work, many hours, and patience she provided so we could all enjoy this wonderful opportunity.  Second, I would like to thank Laurel for taking the time to use her talents to make such unique and fun polymer clay beads.  Third, I would like to thank all those whom participated in this BSBP.  It's a wonderful way to fellowship and support each other in our creative endeavors.  This is especially a great thing for those that are not able to physically participate in classes or other social beading activities.

I was truly challenged creatively.  It was a long while before inspiration came to me.  One of my favorite movies ever is "A Nightmare Before Christmas".  Jack Skellington is a fascinating character and these beads brought him to mind.  I added some sparkly (but not too blingy) beads, some Swarovski bronze crystals, some carved bone beads (he's a skeleton, right?), and a sugar skull added to the pendant.

I honestly had a blast creating this necklace.  I look forward to hopping around to see what everyone has created!

Peace, Love, & Light,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead Soup!

I'm (finally!) posting the wonderful polymer clay beads handmade by my BSBP partner, Laurel!  Along with a neat assortment of pearls, black faceted beads, and gold findings. I can't wait for everyone's reveal!