Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahh, Fall

Walking with Dad to the bus stop is always a treat since he leaves way before she's even up. This morning is gray, breezy, & the leaves are blowing all around, & the coolness & smell of Autumn is here for sure. Thanksgiving will be upon us before long, & today especially, I am reminded of all we have to be thankful & grateful for. Through all the health issues over our 15 years of marriage (November 25th), Keith has stood by my unfailingly, faithfully, & with more than enough strength for all 5 of us. My 3 girls give me reason to smile & laugh daily, & without them, some days I believe I would have just given up. So, I live by a few words; Everything happens for a reason, Keep the happy, It is what it is, &, if it's right, it's great, if it's wrong, it's a lesson. And one that my friend, Bill, recently shared with me; Remember what's important, the rest is just sticks & bricks. Christmas is soon to follow & whatever your beliefs, mine are as follows: Harm none, Many paths, one light. We are all here for one simple purpose, or lesson, if you will. Love one another. It's the greatest & most important gift you'll ever give or receive.
Peace, Love, & Sunshine! Kel : )

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